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Tips For Selling Your Luxury Asian Outfits Online

At Loved Lehenga, we have developed a seamless process to list your outfit and advertise it to a global marketplace. Follow our hints and tips to make your listing stand out and help you achieve the price you’re hoping for

1. Craft careful titles

Your title is key for catching the interest of prospective buyers. Keep it short and punchy and use it to showcase your outfit’s main feature or designer name.


2. Spend time on the description

The description of your outfit is your opportunity to go into more detail and provide information about the fabric, colours and embroidery. Try to give as much information as possible. You may like to write about where the outfit was worn, for example your wedding ceremony. Be genuine in your description and include details about any stains, signs of wear or damage.


3. A picture tells a thousand words

When uploading pictures, be sure to use high resolution images. Professional photos from your event can create a great impression to potential buyers. If you’re taking your own photos it is best to take them outdoors or in an area flooded with natural light. Avoid photographing it in strong sunlight as this can cast shadows within the image. Where possible, take pictures of you wearing your outfit as it is difficult to make it look its best if photographed hanging up. Take multiple photos showing different angles. As well as a full length photo include a photo of the front, back and close ups of any detailing.


4. A video tells a million words

A short video clip of you wearing the outfit can have a huge impact when it comes to selling. It can show features which are impossible to fully appreciate through pictures alone, for example how the embroidery sparkles as it catches the light and how the fabric flows as you are walking. Choose the premium listing package to upload a video and significantly increase your chance of a sale.


5. Set the price

Be reasonable with your pricing and be open to offers. You may find it helpful to consider the price you paid, but also spend some time browsing other listings to see what is realistic for a pre-loved outfit. Be quick to list an outfit as soon as you are ready to sell. This is especially true for wedding outfits where trends and fashions change quickly.


6. Select our premium listing package

By choosing the premium package, your listing is more likely to grab buyers’ attention as it will be featured on the homepage and also appear at the top of search results. You will also be able to upload up to eight photos and a video allowing you to showcase your outfits best features. By following these tips, great descriptions and clear imagery will be sure to maximise your chance of a sale at the desired price. If you need any further help when listing your outfit, our dedicated team at Loved Lehenga are more than happy to help so feel free to contact us.