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Tips For Choosing A Bridal Makeup Artist

When it comes to choosing a make up artist for your big day, the choice is endless and it is important to find someone that is right for you. Nowadays to seems like every other person has the suffix ‘mua’ on their instagram profile. While this means we are open to choice it makes it harder to know who to choose for your all important occasion! We at Loved Lehenga have put together some tips to help you make your decision easier.

1. Decide What Kind Of Look You Want

The first thing to decide Is what kind of bride you want to be. You can have full-on glam or you may prefer a more natural look. There is no right or wrong way, it is just what works out best for you. I personally wanted a more natural look. where I still wanted to still look like myself but  wanted a professional finish to look great in photographs and last throughout the day. 

2. Check Out Social Media Profiles

Instagram has become a great source for finding local artists and instantly seeing a portfolio of their work. But be careful of instagram pictures which can often be heavily edited. You can always ask for the artist to send you some unedited pictures so you can get a more accurate idea. Be wary of makeup artists doing the same look on every single client! Although some artists do have their signature look, what may look nice on one person may not be flattering on another. 

3. Ask Real Brides

While instagram photos can be edited, nothing comes close to a real life testimonial. This allows you to get an idea of other characteristics which are important, for example an artist with a friendly personality will help make the experience enjoyable and relaxing and someone who is good at timekeeping will avoid you the stress of running behind on a heavily scheduled day. 

4. Go For a Trial

Always have a trial before your big day! I was very surprised at how many artists pressurised me into paying a deposit to book them without a trial. Stick to your instincts, do not be pressurised into paying a deposit even if they try to say someone else wants that date. For me, the whole purpose of a trial is to trial their work to confirm if I did want to book. 

One of the trials I went to was by an artist with stunning images on instagram. One thing that stood out was how flawless the skin looked without looking cakey. When i went to the trial I discovered that she took the pictures on an ancient camera with poor resolution and in real life it was simply not up to scratch. Definitely money well spent to avoid a distaster on my big day.

6. Take Photos

Try to book your trial in natural light early in the day. Take photos throughout the day so you can see how it looks in different lighting and how it holds up throughout the day. One of the trials I went to looked great in natural light but when I tested in the evening under flash photography, the skin looked too pale and washed out! Another great example of when I was glad to have paid for the trial. 

7. Timings

Some artists may have more that one bride, in different locations. I would definitely try to book an artist who has no other bookings on that day. The last thing you need is to be running late because of a make up artist who over ran on the previous bride or gets delayed en route between venues. If there is a particular artist you would like contact them as soon as possible. Some of the popular artists can get booked up as much as 2 years in advance so start enquiring early to avoid disappointment. 

Hopefully with these tips you fill find the perfect artist for you on your big day! We would love to hear your experiences. Contact us to share your stories!