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Sabyasachi Spring/Summer 2019 – Namaste Easy Collection

The spring of 2019 was indeed much brighter and charming than ever before. Thanks to the ‘FIZA’ unfurled by the fresh, exotic and heavenly bridal collection from the house of the maestro of fashion. ‘Namaste Easy’ marked the arrival of the glorious and imperial designs by the legendary Sabyasachi Mukherjee.

“When I look back at the last 20 years, my khadi bridal lehengas are what I am most proud of. Combined with Indian jewellery and flowers, they create a very potent and timeless image.” This is what the Mozart of bridal fashion narrates about Indian exquisite khadi-wear.

True reflection of India’s rich handloom culture and tradition, the collection is an ode to the lost Indian Weaver. Gatherings from remote Indian weavers, printers, dyers and craftsmen are articulated together in an antique fashion with à la mode musings. Traditional and ancient patterns are asymmetrically twirled into elegant lehengas and timeless saris.

Accompanied by floral dupattas and hand-dyed appliqués, the collection changes style statements for Indian brides. Dainty lehengas with heavy borders keep sophistication and grandiose in perfect quotient.

Gone are the days of trivial designs and stereotypes defining bridal wears. Plunging necklines accentuated by clustered pearl necklaces, sapphires and emerald jewels all highlight the notion of a fearless and strong Indian woman.

Sabyasachi truly showcases an ethereal colour palette, exuding freshness and crisp majestic tones. From voguish soft pastels to vibrant yellows and fierce reds, the collection electrifies the bright summer season within an effortless couture. Gold is the epitome of royalty and king of all hues. The use of cream shades keeps the subtlety alive while the luxuriant glitters of gold and silver embellishments elevate the supremacy of the golden vibe.

While slaying in the arena of bridal glam statements, the collection also escalates sheer fabrics for grooms with cretonne florals and intricate embroidery. The sumptuous collection redefines grooms fashion with gold zari work, royal cream shades to dainty velvet leads. Colour contrast flaunts itself in floral on silk patterns and takes elegance a step further.

Heritage and modernity – the bylines of this Spring Summer Collection, comes straight from the wishlist of an Indian bride. The expert craftsmen and Sabyasachi’s team give birth to an art so impressionistic, that it beautifies every cloth it touches, and evokes a spectrum of emotions in every heart it vents.