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Our visit to the Sabyasachi store in Mumbai

On a recent trip to Mumbai the first thing on my to-do list was visiting the Sabyasachi store! I am a huge fan of the work by Sabyasachi Mukherji. In the last few years alone he has become a worldwide sensation and has raised the standards of the Indian fashion industry! Read on to hear my experience when visiting the store in Kalagut Mumbai.

Staying at the St Regis Hotel in Mumbai, the Sabyasachi store was only a 30 minute cab ride away. On the day of our visit it was raining heavily and with the congested roads it took almost double the time to arrive. I had not made an appointment beforehand so was taking a risk that I would even be allowed in. 

On arriving, there was a tall brown door with concrete pillars on either side. A security guard stood guarding the entrance and opened the door to allow us to enter.

Outside the streets of Mumbai were chaotic to say the least but as soon as the door opened it was like stepping into a completely different world.

It had a regal, majestic vibe and felt like I had walked into an ancient palace. The lighting was very dark and had deep red tones. As we walked through the archway into the main hall, the ceiling was adorned with chandeliers.

One wall had a series of old framed photographs of Indian couples and women posing in traditional indian outfits. Another wall had a display of decorative circular plates of different sizes. There were several large bouquets of fresh red roses giving a floral aroma and luxurious feel.

The atmosphere was very grand and regal! It was unlike a shop I had ever been to before. There was artistic flare in every corner.

To the left of the hallway there was a large room with rails filled with pieces from the last two seasons of the Sabyasachi collection. I had followed the release of the Charbagh collection closely on Instagram but seeing them in person was all the more glorifying. The intricate details in the embroidery, the luxurious fabrics and the choice of colours made every single item look completely breathtaking! While I would have loved to share some photos of the actual pieces, photography in the collection rooms is strictly prohibited.

At the end of he hallway was another room housing the Sabyasachi Jewellery Collection. The entrance was half concealed with a sheer curtain, adding to the suspense and excitement of entering the room. Along the walls the jewellery was displayed in glass cabinets, like artefacts at a museum. Pieces so breathtakingly beautiful and the largest arrangements of diamonds I have ever seen on a single piece I daren’t ask the price but just admired the creativity. 

The room downstairs was a longer narrower room. Here they had a display of women’s party wear as well as accessories like belts and clutch bags.

Overall it was an amazing experience and really illustrated the true persona of the brand! It is by far the most elaborate shop I have ever been to! A definite must see if you are ever in Mumbai!

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