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Introducing Charbagh – Sabyasachi Winter Collection 2019

It is that time of year again where we at Loved Lehenga get very excited about the unveiling of yet another Sabyasachi collection. World famous for creating masterpieces in bridal fashion, it is little surprise that Charbagh, the Sabyasachi Winter Collection 2019 has stunned fashion critics and avid fans all over the world.  

The Charbagh Collection

Acutely aware that a bride’s choice of outfit is an expression of her personality and character, the maestro of fashion has launched a diversified collection across  four different lines. Each of the four different lines within the Charbagh collection has something different to offer, so there is something to suit every bride for their all important celebration. The four lines are are Devi, Nargis, Chowk and Isfahan. 


Next we have Devi, which is definitely aimed more towards the traditional bride. Whilst the designs vary in silhouette and embellishments, the colour red is consistent throughout, which for as long as many of us know, is the statement choice for any bride. Whilst Sabyasachi couture has tradionally been associated with the rich and famous, the Devi category has wealth of price points to appeal to those who are working to different budgets. 


Taking some steps away from tradition, we also have the Nargis line. Nargis has been established and inspired by western weddings. This line particularly differentiates itself from the other categories when it comes to the colour schemes. Featuring a colour palette of lighter pastel shades, these pieces are popular among international brides. 


Another line that you can take a look at is Isfahan, which is inspired by Mughal motifs and fabrics. With velvet featuring prominently, along with gold and silver sari work, this collection exudes a regal majestic tone.  


With so many breathtaking designs, we are sure there is something every bride will love! Browse our listings for nearly-new Sabyasachi pieces at exceptional prices. Be sure to check regularly as these sought after pieces get snapped up quickly. 

Have a designer piece to sell? List your outfit in just a couple of minutes and with our global audience, we’re confident you’ll soon find a buyer.