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Indian Bridal Trends 2019

With the weddings of Priyanka Chopra to Nick Jonas, and Deepika Padukone to Ranveer Singh both rounding off 2018, it’s no surprise that 2019 Indian bridal trends have seen designers such as Sabyasachi feature highly. However, what are the other Indian bridal trends which have been developing so far this year? Let’s whet your appetite with five of our favourite trends before you go and browse the pre-loved bridal lehengas we have available to buy.


1. Bridal lehengas are getting personal

It takes a lot to buck the commitment to the traditional at Indian weddings. However, 2019 has seen a trend develop which pays heeds to bridal lehenga traditions whilst also allowing a dash of customisation. Brides Priyanka Chopra and Isha Ambani incorporated part of their mother’s wedding gown in to their own outfit, giving it the ultimate personal touch. We’ve also seen embroidery used to weave in special words of significance too. Deepika Padukone’s lehenga was embroidered with the words ‘Sada Saubhagyawati Bhava’ which translates to mean ‘stay happily married forever’. The celebrity brides have started a trend and we believe these traditions are likely to stick around.

As far as colours go, we’ll still see the fabulous colour palettes we expect of lavish Indian weddings, where different colours are showcased at each celebration. Red and gold will of course still feature highly, but we’re also seeing more use of bottle and mint green, as well as some gentle pastels too. There’s a touch of simplicity on the horizon with greys, pale golds, ivory and champagnes all making their mark, but not without immense detail in embroidery and beading.

The designer to really keep an eye on is Sabyasachi. Used at both the Chopra-Jonas wedding and the Padukone-Singh nuptials, the designs are perfect for the complete spectrum of Indian wedding ceremonies and events.


2. Jewellery is being mixed and matched

There’s no way we’ll escape from flamboyant and dazzling jewellery where Indian weddings are concerned. However, with the rise of flamboyant designers, the choice of jewellery is key to create the perfect look.. Jewellery being chosen in 2019 still largely draws on heirloom and vintage pieces and a splash of glitz to compliment extravagant outfit designs.

To work alongside flamboyant lehenga designers, we’re seeing a lot more bold jewellery designs which are being mixed and matched for greater impact.


3. Bollywood leads the way

Of course it makes sense that Bollywood is leading the way in so many bridal trends in 2019. We can all take our inspiration from the glamour displayed by the stars. However, what we’re also seeing is that Bollywood is becoming the destination for weddings. Whilst many Bollywood stars have held parts of their ceremonies and receptions elsewhere, from Lake Como to Delhi, most of them also make sure they plan a distinct Bollywood reception too.

We can expect that couples will take the Indian bridal trends around around the globe, yet still come back for part of the festivities on Indian soil.


4. Designers matter

We’ve already mentioned Sabyasachi and with good reason with Chopra and Padukone wearing his masterpiece designs for their nuptials. Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla is another hot choice. Brides are increasingly opting for more unusual lehengas coming out of Indian fashion houses.

However, this doesn’t mean that such stunning bridal lehengas are the preserve of the rich and famous alone. You can choose opulent pre-loved designer lehengas through Loved Lehenga. This way you get to embrace designer flamboyance and unique pieces, at a fraction of the original cost. Great for upcycling and the environment too!

5. The complete wedding party

It’s not just brides which are getting a look-in with lehengas characterised by colour, flair and incredible design and craftsmanship. With the increasingly flamboyant designs being worn by brides, other members including bridesmaids, grooms, parents and wedding guests are now being given more room to make their statement. There’s no risk of them overshadowing the bride, so they too can have some design fun!

Indeed, the bride is now being complimented with a groom who is also playing with fashion. From impressive sherwanis to anarkali kurtas, with plenty of florals and colour, we are seeing grooms decked out in style.

So these are our favourite Indian bridal trends of 2019, shaping the designs of lehengas you’ll see here on Loved Lehenga. Browse for inspiration and know that you too can have elements of your wedding showcasing flair and exuberance.