Can I try on the dress?

This is down to the sellers discretion. Use the secure messaging system to ask the seller if you can meet them to see the dress in person and try it on.

Can I negotiate a price?

Using the ‘Make an Offer’ button it is easy to negotiate a price with the seller. If they accept your offer, they will send you a custom ‘Buy Now’ button allowing you to purchase the outfit at the agreed price.
The ‘Buy Now’ button will appear in your chat with the seller.

If your offer has been rejected you will be notified by email and can choose to make another offer if you wish.

How do I pay for the outfit?

There are two ways we recommend to make payment for your outfit:
1. Online via PayPal – PayPal allows safe and secure transactions and provide PayPal Buyer Protection on all eligible purchases. We have directed all online purchases through PayPal to give you added peace of mind when shopping on Loved Lehenga.
2. In person – If you arrange to meet the seller in person, you can pay them cash once happy with the outfit.
We DO NOT recommend any other payment methods such as Western Union or bank transfers as they are less secure.

How much is shipping?

On each outfit listing page you will be able to see the location of the listing. The ‘domestic shipping cost’ shown is the cost to have the item shipped within the country the item is listed in.
The cost will vary for each listing as prices are set by the seller and will take into account the weight and size of the outfit once it is packaged.
For International shipping costs contact the seller as this will vary depending on the country being shipped to.

I like a dress which is listed in another country. Will they ship internationally?

Yes, you can have an outfit shipped internationally.
When you have found an outfit you like simply press the ‘contact seller’ button to directly ask the seller for a shipping quote to your destination. Inform the seller if your happy with
the quote so they can send you a custom ‘buy now’ button for you to complete the transaction.
The ‘Buy Now’ button will appear in your chat with the seller.

What is your returns policy?

For all online transactions through PayPal, you are entitled to a full refund if your item does not arrive, is damaged or different to the sellers description. All sales in person are final.

What is PayPal Buyer protection?

PayPal’s Buyer Protection protects your purchase when you pay online via PayPal. If your item does not arrive or does not match its description you will be entitled to a full refund of the outfit cost as well as delivery costs.
PayPal also uses data encryption and monitors transactions to protect against fraud. We have directed all purchases on Loved Lehenga through PayPal to give you added peace of mind when shopping.
For more information visit

How do I file a dispute under PayPal Buyer Protection?

If you notice any problems with your order, log in to your PayPal account and contact the seller as soon as possible through the PayPal Resolution Centre.
If you do not get a response from the seller or are unable to reach an agreement with them you can escalate the dispute and receive assistance from PayPal. To do this log into PayPal and go to the Resolution Centre. Go to messages with the seller and click on ‘Escalate to claim’.
For more information visit

Which outfits can I list on Loved Lehenga?

You can list any Asian outfit on Loved Lehenga. We have divided outfits into four broad categories – lehenga, sari, gown and suits. The outfit can be new or used. It can be a bridal outfit or partywear.

My outfit is custom made, which size should I put when listing my outfit?

When listing your outfit we recommend you select your normal clothes size for high street clothing. This will allow buyers to easily find the size they’re looking for when using our search function. We recommend providing detailed measurements in your outfit description including bust, waist, hips and height. Buyers may also message you if they require any additional measurements before making their purchase.

Do I have to pay any commission or fees?

We charge a one-time fixed price for listing your outfit and advertising it on our global platform. Once you have paid the listing fee there are no more fees to pay us. Even when the dress is sold we do not charge a commission.
Payments received via PayPal will be subject to PayPal transaction fees. For up to date information on their fees visit

When does the listing expire?

We have no time limits on listings and they will stay listed until sold or you delete the listing manually.

How do I get paid for my outfit?

When someone buys your outfit online, you will get paid securely through Paypal.
We always recommend using PayPal to accept payments as it ensures a safe and secure transaction and you will have the added security of PayPal Seller Protection.
If you choose to meet someone in person you can decide payment terms directly with them.

When should I send a custom ‘Buy Now’ button to a buyer?

A custom ‘Buy Now’ button allows you to edit the price you originally set for the outfit or for shipping. There are two reasons why you may choose to do this.
1. If you would like to accept an offer made by a buyer 
 This function allows you to edit the price you set originally for the outfit and send a custom ‘Buy Now’ button to the buyer so they can complete the transaction at the agreed price.
2. If the buyer requires the outfit to be shipped internationally- 
 Buyers will contact you directly for international shipping quotes via the messaging system. If they are happy with the quote simply click ‘Add Buy Now button’ at the bottom of the chat. This allows you to enter the agreed shipping cost and send a customised ‘Buy Now’ button directly to the buyer.

How do I add a ‘Buy Now’ button?

You can create a ‘Buy Now’ offer when you have chosen to accept an offer on your outfit.
1. Go to your messages with the potential buyer via the dashboard.
2. Click ‘Accept Offer’ at the bottom of the chat screen.
3. Confirm the price you have accepted for the outfit and the shipping cost.
4. Click ‘Add Buy Now’ for the customised ‘Buy Now’ button to be sent to the buyer.
You can also add a ‘Buy Now’ button through any chat conversation with a potential buyer. 1. Go to your messages with the potential buyer via the dashboard.
2. Click ‘Add Buy Now Button’ at the bottom of the chat screen.
3. Confirm the price of the outfit and shipping costs.
4. Click ‘Add Buy Now’ for the customised ‘Buy Now’ button to be sent to the buyer.

How do I remove the listing once the dress is sold?

If someone has purchased your outfit online, the listing will be deleted automatically. If you have met with the buyer and sold the dress in person it is important to remove the listing to prevent other buyers trying to purchase it online. To delete the listing simply log in and go to your dashboard. Click ‘Options’ on the chosen listing and then select ‘Delete Listing’

Can I change the dress I originally listed?

The dress originally advertised cannot be changed to advertise another dress. Our team regularly monitor accounts to check this. Any suspicious behaviour may result in your listing being removed and your account being suspended.

Can I upgrade my listing?

Once you have listed an outfit it is very easy to upgrade your listing to enjoy all of the benefits of our premium package. Simply log in and go to My Account. Click ‘Options’ on the listing you would like to upgrade and click on ‘Upgrade listing’.

What is PayPal Seller Protection?

PayPal Seller Protection covers you against unauthorised payments, for example hacked accounts, or if a buyer claims they never received their outfit. You will need to enter proof of delivery within your PayPal account to be covered.
For more information visit

Buying and Selling Safely Online

At Loved Lehenga we are committed to creating an online marketplace which is safe for buyers and sellers. Our team actively monitors user activity to prevent fraud and help keep users safe.

Selling safely

  • Accept online payments through PayPal. This is our chosen payment merchant as it uses data encryption, monitors transactions for fraud and provides PayPal Seller Protection.
  • We do not recommend accepting payments via Western Union or Moneygram as these payment methods are not traceable.
  • Be wary of buyers offering more than the asking price for the outfit. If you receive an overpayment, return the whole amount to the sender and request them to send payment for the correct amount.
  • Do not follow any links you may receive via email asking you to sign in to Paypal. PayPal will never ask for money to release funds so be vigilant of any emails which ask you to do this.
  • Always check for funds to clear before shipping the outfit to the buyer.
  • Answer any queries from potential buyers via our secure messaging system as it allows
    you to communicate without revealing your personal contact details.

Buying safely

  • Make all online payments through a ‘Buy Now’ button on Loved Lehenga. This will direct payments via PayPal, which will ensure a safe transaction and offer you PayPal Buyer Protection
  • Do not transfer money by bank transfer, Western Union or Moneygram.
  • If you have any questions about an outfit contact the seller through our secure messaging system so you can communicate without revealing personal contact details.
  • If you are meeting a seller to see an outfit and buy it in person we recommend taking someone with you.

If you have any concerns or notice any suspicious behaviour please contact us