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Five Jewellery Trends To Look Out For This Season

Jewellery designs are forever evolving and in today’s society the choice of jewellery comes hand in hand when choosing an outfit.  While traditional lehenga designs can be quite similar amongst brides, the choice of jewellery can set brides apart and allow them to add their own personality and style to the overall look.

In the past year we have seen jewellery releases from some of the biggest names in Indian fashion including Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Tarun Tahiliani and Gaurav Gupta. This echoes how important your choice of jewellery is to make an outfit look its best!

We caught up with founder of The Jewellery Trunk to find out the top trends for jewellery this season.

1. Size Matters

While there are some brides that prefer dainty pieces,  larger statement pieces are the choice for both bridal and party jewellery. It is recommended however to emphasise only one item. If you choose a large statement necklace then try to pair this with smaller earrings and tikka so the overall look is in perfect balance.

2. Coloured stones

Traditionally, jewellery was chosen to ‘match’ the outfit. The trend now is contracting pieces. Green stonework is becoming increasingly popular for brides wearing red as it creates an artistic edge and allows both the jewellery and lehenga to stand out in their own right.

3. Pearls

If in doubt, go for pearls! Pearls are timeless and add elegance to any style. They can be worn with almost any outfit so a great investment piece to keep in your jewellery box.

4. Multi-stringed necklaces

If your not a fan of larger bold pieces, a great way to still create that wow factor is to choose a multi-stringed necklace. While the beading and enamel work can still be fine and dainty, by having multiple strings it can add drama and balance to your Asian outfit.

5. Customised pieces

Rather than buying straight off the shelf, we now have a lot more options available to us when selecting jewellery. You can choose variations in metal, stonework, beading and size to create a look that’s unique to you! Some pieces can take up to 6 weeks to customise but if you’re limited for time visit The Jewellery Trunk where they can customise most pieces on the same day!

Check out their website www.thejewellerytrunk or head to their instagram page @thejewellerytrunk

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